Fiesta de la Primavera

ISLA PTO's Fiesta de la Primavera is our BIGGEST fundraiser of the year! Our annual fundraiser is held every Spring. Planning begins as early as the beginning of the school year for some activities. If you are looking for ways to get involved, please contact

Tickets $65 - Buy Here            Online Auction March 9-17 - Click Here

Fiesta Donation Forms

Fiesta Q&A

Q: What is the Fiesta de la Primavera?

A: The Fiesta de la Primavera is the ISLA PTO'S main fundraiser and is a gathering for ISLA parents and staff to enjoy an evening filled with food, drink, music and fun. Part of the event includes live and silent auctions. We also host an online auction for a week prior to the event.

Q: What is the order of events for the night?

A: The silent auction begins at 6pm and closes at the completion of dinner. After dinner is complete, the live auction will begin. The night will end with music and dancing.

Q: How much money is raised at the Fiesta?

A: This year's goal is to raise $68,000 to help fund the cost of 8 Language Ambassadors (native Spanish-speaking helpers in the ISLA classrooms).

Q: How can I help?

A:  1. Attend the event!!

     2. As a parent and/or business owner, donate an auction item(s). The newsletters will have links to the forms and some inspirational ideas.

     3. Plan on donating a bottle of wine for the auction items. More details to be communicated soon.

     4. Volunteer – there will be many opportunities with planning and the night of the event that will be communicated soon.

Q: How many people attend the event?

A: The average attendance is 250 people including current, incoming and alumni ISLA families, friends and staff. Once you’re a part of the ISLA community, you’re always a part of the ISLA family! No kids, so book your babysitter now.

Q: What time should I plan on arriving?

A: People will begin arriving right at 6:00pm so they have the opportunity to find a table and begin viewing and bidding on the silent and live auction items.

Q: What time should I plan on leaving?

A: It’s up to you, but for most people that’s really driven by how late they have a sitter available. Many people will stay until 11:30 but others will begin heading out after the live auction ends.

Q: I don’t know many (or any) other ISLA families yet. Will I feel left out?

A: The last thing we’d want is for anyone to feel left out, or to choose not to come just because they don’t know anyone yet! We will have greeters at the door and one person in particular will be greeting incoming or new families. Your name tag will also highlight you as a new family and you’ll find yourself meeting more families than you’ll ever remember!

Q: What should I wear?

A: Generally, people are more dressed up, but not wearing formal attire. The best guideline is to wear clothing that you’d wear to a restaurant that would charge $35 dollars a plate.

Q: Who can I contact if I have more questions?

A: Feel free to email: or anyone on the PTO Board!