My name is Carlos Steven Navarrete Vega, I am working with 2nd grade (Sr. Huaman) and 3rd grade (Sra. Wood). I am from the musical capital of Colombia that is Ibagué. That is where I got my BA in English studies. I used to live there with my parents, one sister, and my grandma. I feel so grateful for having this new experience here in Minnesota with such kind people I have met. I am so glad about my host and uncle families because they have turned Hopkins, Minnesota, into my second home since my arrival to the US. I look forward to learning plenty of new things from the ISLA community, the American culture, the colleagues, and the kids. Also, I expect to help the ISLA community as much as I can and help teach children our language and culture. I do love traveling and I really hope to have the opportunity to travel around the US and get to know new places. I am living with the Hagens during the first semester. You can contact me by text at 612-998-5366 or email at