My name is Yeison Hernández Laitón. I am from Tunja, Colombia. I studied a Licensure in Foreign Languages English and French at Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia, UPTC in Tunja and I am working as an English teacher in a village near my home city. I have one brother and 4 sisters. I’m the oldest. I am working with all of the 6th and 5th grade classrooms at ISLA. I am here in the USA because I want to have a cultural interchange, to improve my English and to learn teaching strategies useful for my job in Colómbia. Moreover, I expect to have a nice experience here in ISLA and I am willing to learn from all the school community. I connect with people when finding common interests like reading, music and art. My hobbies are mainly to ride bicycle, to play the guitar, to watch movies, to visit museums, to play tables games, and to hike. I love to work with children because every child in the classroom is a different world that is worth to exploring. My expectations during my stay in the United States are to visit a lot of places in the country, to know more about the American culture, to make a lot of friends from different countries, and to share my culture, my language and my traditions with all the community. I am living with the Fosters during the first semester. In this way, I hope this experience can make me grow as a teacher, as a family member, as member of a community and as a person. You can reach me at