Donations and Fundraising

::: THE WHY :::

Fundraising activities enable the ISLA PTO to give financial support to our many initiatives & programs that help us provide the ISLA community, students & staff an improved overall experience. Some of these PTO initiatives include: 


LAs are student teachers from Spanish-speaking countries who come to ISLA to help in our classrooms, familiarize the students with more native Spanish speakers, and share their culture with our students. Some expenses include a monthly stipend (wages), host family stipends for groceries & living expenses, education in responsive classrooms, fees through Amity Program and much more!


Community events like Yahoo/Boohoo, the Back to School picnic and Dia De Los Muertos are available to the community for absolutely FREE! Your donation towards any of ISLA PTO's fundraising activities will go back to help us fund some of the expenses associated with planning and coordinating these events such as food/beverage, entertainment and decorations!


Your donation will help with some of the expenses associated with ISLA PTO’s support programs for the school, teachers, and classrooms each year. Some expenses include special projects, staff appreciation, classroom supplies, field trip support & scholarships!


– 2023 GIVE TO THE MAX –

This year's goal was $30K with a participation rate goal of 75% and while we were just shy of those goals, we feel pretty spectacular about what our community has done this year!! Not only did you all help us raise over 20k during GTM (while still awaiting the full run of company matches), but we’ve also fully funded the sound panels needed for the gym AND paid for the books for the Maud Hart Lovelace Book Challenge (see photo below) – After this challenge is completed, all books will be added to our library!! (Please note that the participation rate was NOT dollar-based. It was based on the percentage of families that donated overall.)

Congratulations to the Top 3 for having the highest participation percentages that won a reserved parking space for their teacher, class parties & non-uniform days:

  • 1st place: Profe Miriam (2nd Grade): 100%
  • 2nd place Profe Lina (2nd Grade): 96%
  • 3rd place Sra Najera/Sra Marisol (K) 92%


Skip the cooking once per month and join us in dining out / ordering takeout and a portion of the proceeds will come back to ISLA PTO!! Here are a few of our upcoming nights: 

Wednesday 12/6 4–9pm
Noodles & Co.
8120 MN-7, St Louis Park, MN 55426

Wednesday 1/18 4–9pm
Cafe Zupas
13000 Technology Dr., Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Monday 2/12 4–9pm
10997 Red Cir Dr, Minnetonka, MN 55343


Download the app on your phone and search for International Spanish Language Academy to begin benefiting your kids’ school! After setting up your account, you can send digital receipts via email or scan a hard copy in the app. No more ripping boxes up!! 

Use any of the below referral links to give ISLA an extra bonus when you sign-up:

– ISLA School Board Fundraiser: Building our Future –

As a public charter school ISLA educates students from 20 area school districts.Unfortunately ISLA is not eligible for much of the core funding available to district schools, including referendums.We need your help to deliver the ISLA mission today—and in the future.
Please join us in contributing to the Building Our Future Fund. Funding will help bridge the financial gap and provide funding to meet the objectives put forward in our 2020 Strategic Plan.

PTO Board Building our Future Fund!



Our wonderful teachers work so hard to make their classrooms welcoming and comfortable for our kids. This year, the PTO has asked that our teacher’s share a list of items they need to complete this huge task. Here are their lists, broken down by grade. Any item is a huge help for our teachers & is SO very appreciated by them AND your kids in their rooms. We are still awaiting a few lists, and will send out updated links when they are ready! If you have access to donations of comparable items outside of Amazon, just reach out to me at and I’ll get their list updated!

El Nido
Group wishlist for all of El Nido

Doris Bonifacio Salas
Silvia Herrero-Fernandez

Maryann Najera

Luis Vivas

1st Grade
Bonyin King

Erika Leal Gil

Edily Sanchez

2nd Grade
Irene Martinez

Miriam Oropeza

Lina Pinto Perez

3rd Grade
Corene Adaxms

Rosa Fernandez

Patricia Floe

4th Grade
Riana Dilley

Roberto Izquierdo

Pilar Robles

5th Grade
Stewin Bernal

Jordi Costa

6th Grade
Rachel Karlov

Exploración & Art: Adriana Maldonado
Exploración & Art: Ana Luisa Galleres (link to come) 
Physical Education: Igor Diaz 
Tech: Edgar Avendano (link to come) 
Music: Danyelo Rivera
Lunch: Jorge Gomez 

Special Education
Ruth Garcia
Tatiana Gordillo
Thairys Rodriguez

Emily Smith
Jessica Gielen
Nurse: Tanya Nelson 

::: THANK YOU :::


That's okay!! There are plenty of us in the same position. So we donate varying amounts of our time towards helping run the PTO/Board/School programs! Check out the many ways you can Volunteer your time instead!!

THANK YOU, PARENTS for your support of the ISLA PTO, your kids, the classroom, our teachers, LAs and the school!! YOU make a difference!!!