Fiesta de la Primavera

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2024 Donation Forms:

Donations are open!!!

We have lots of ways you can contribute to this amazing event!! Gift baskets with pre-made themes are available, or you can come up with your own idea!! Great Gatherings are our most popular donation for Fiesta. They are ISLA family-hosted events where you/your family or you & a friend host a fun event for ISLA kids, ISLA parents or a combination of both. You submit your ideas to the ISLA PTO and we sell tickets to your event– 100% of the proceeds will go back to the ISLA PTO!! Check the quick links above for each form!

Great Gatherings available now!!!

Some even bigger news... We are offering year-round Great Gatherings this year!! Head on over to Givesmart to view the Fiesta 2024 Website and check out what Great Gatherings are available so far. Snag a ticket and provide some fun for you/your child while supporting the Language Ambassador Program!! 

Available now on the website: 
– Westwood Hills Nature Center Party
Spanish Wine Tasting
– Wine & Tapas Party
– 3rd Grade Sledding Party
– 2nd Annual Olympic Yard Games
– Summer Softball Social

Fiesta FAQ

What is Fiesta de la Primavera?
Fiesta de la Primavera is ISLA PTO’s BIGGEST fundraiser and gathering each Spring! It is an adult-only event that welcomes not only our staff, LAs, parents/caregivers, but also your friends, families & neighbors you may want to include. We aim for a fun night out with the opportunity to support our school while mingling with the ISLA community and enjoying delicious food, drinks & music!

Why is it so important to raise funds at Fiesta?
Each year, ISLA welcomes Language Ambassadors (LAs) to our school- A program that is 100% supported by the funds raised at Fiesta! These LAs are from various Spanish-speaking countries and are our school’s paraprofessionals. They work alongside our teachers in the classroom, provide support for lunch/recess times as well as teaching extra-curricular classes to the kids in Spanish! The LAs are an invaluable part of our school, and Fiesta is the time that we are really able to support this amazing program.  

What happens if we don’t hit our Fiesta fundraising goal?
Even though we have consistently hit our LA fundraising goals over the years… If we do not make that goal, the number of LAs supporting our kids & teachers in their classrooms will be impacted. The amount we raise at Fiesta directly funds the number of LAs we can have in our school the following year.

How can I help?!

Volunteer your time & talents!
There are so many opportunities to get involved with tasks of all sizes! We have roles big & small as well as one-time and on-going!! This is a terrific way for new families to get involved and get to know members of the ISLA community.  Anyone can help and we are able to work with you to find the right opportunity regardless of the amount of time you feel comfortable contributing. 

Please join us for a great night of food, drinks and entertainment with exciting auction items!! Spread the word about this fun event and grab your tickets today!!

Participate in our Live & Silent auctions!
Fiesta offers something for everyone. Items in the auction & raffles are available in every price range with a wide array of options:

  • Parent-donated adventures (ex: Hosting dinner parties, hosted event at Sky Zone, sporting event tickets, cabin weekends or pool parties)
  • Have a business of your own? Consider a donation to help support Fiesta while getting your business name out there (ex: Facial, massage, chiropractic adjustment, baked goods & so much more)
  • Baskets of themed items or a bottle of wine
  • Classroom Projects (unique pieces created by your child’s class that really hold a special spot for us!

We are always looking for fresh, new parent-donated adventures and Live Auction items. We all have our own talents, resources and connections to offer and with our growing community, we are excited to hear your ideas! If you need help working out the details of your donation, please feel free to email us at

I don’t know (m)any other ISLA families yet, will I feel left out?
The last thing we’d ever want is for anyone to choose not to come just because they don’t know anyone yet. Fiesta is the time we can all come together as a community and really see what ISLA is all about. We will have greeters at the door to help ease you in and welcome you to your first Fiesta!! You will likely find yourself meeting more families than you’ll ever remember! 

Who can I contact with questions? 
Please feel free to email with any questions! We look forward to connecting with you and planning our biggest party of the year!

Fiesta 2024 Thank you for your support!