Teacher Wishlists

Our wonderful teachers work so hard to make their classrooms welcoming and comfortable for our kids. This year, the PTO has asked that our teacher’s share a list of items they need to complete this huge task. Here are their lists, broken down by grade. Any item is a huge help for our teachers & is SO very appreciated by them AND your kids in their rooms. We are still awaiting a few lists, and will send out updated links when they are ready! If you have access to donations of comparable items outside of Amazon, just reach out to me at ptosecretary@Isla.school and I’ll get their list updated!

El Nido
Group wishlist for all of El Nido

Doris Bonifacio Salas
Silvia Herrero-Fernandez

Maryann Najera

Luis Vivas

1st Grade
Bonyin King

Erika Leal Gil

Edily Sanchez

2nd Grade
Irene Martinez

Miriam Oropeza

Lina Pinto Perez

3rd Grade
Corene Adaxms

Rosa Fernandez

Patricia Floe

4th Grade
Riana Dilley

Roberto Izquierdo

Pilar Robles

5th Grade
Stewin Bernal

Jordi Costa

6th Grade
Rachel Karlov

Exploración & Art: Adriana Maldonado
Exploración & Art: Ana Luisa Galleres (link to come) 
Physical Education: Igor Diaz 
Tech: Edgar Avendano (link to come) 
Music: Danyelo Rivera
Lunch: Jorge Gomez 
Social Workers: Samaria Cooper-Meegan

Special Education
Ruth Garcia
Tatiana Gordillo
Thairys Rodriguez

Emily Smith
Jessica Gielen
Nurse: Tanya Nelson