With a firm determination forged by my passion for languages and the art of teaching, I am Jawi Jamith Romero González, a 26-year-old enthusiast with a love for animals, a constant quest for adventure, and an insatiable desire to explore new places. My journey began in a school where I gained experience for six months before embarking on my university path. Currently, I immerse myself in the study of foreign languages at UPTC University in Colombia, aspiring to cultivate a deep understanding of languages and their unifying power. With a solid foundation as a systems engineer, I have focused my attention on Spanish, a language I yearn to convey with passion and dedication. My enthusiasm for Spanish intertwines with my ability to communicate in English, French, and Portuguese at an intermediate level, allowing me to connect with diverse people and cultures. My goal is to foster a love for Spanish and its rich diversity while igniting curiosity about different cultures among my students. Furthermore, Spanish is a language that opens doors to a world of beauty and meaning. Through it, students can immerse themselves in the richness of literature, poetry, and cinema from various Spanish-speaking countries. I envision an environment at ISLA School where each individual is part of a warm family, sharing knowledge and experiences to grow together in an enriching learning environment.