My name is Marina Rodriguez de la Fuente and I am 23 years old. I am from Spain, more specifically from Valladolid. I have lived there all my life. I currently live with my mother and my sister, since my parents divorced when I was little. My sister and I go with my father on weekends. The rest of the time we are with my mother. She is my hero, the best person I know. Thanks to her I am who I am today. I really like to laugh and make people laugh. I really enjoy spending time with my family and friends. My favorite hobbies are dancing, acting, singing (although I'm not good at it), listening to music, watching movies, reading, cooking... My family is very big and I have many cousins, so I have always been used to spending time with children, taking care of them… I love the job of teaching. It is very satisfying to see children grow every day, see how they overcome obstacles, learn... I am very excited about all this amazing experience and I am really looking forward to working at the school with the teachers to teach the students every day. Also, I am excited to share this whole experience with my host family.